A Better Quality of Life for Adults with Autism

Since 1978, California Programs for the Autistic remains committed to enhancing the lives of adults with autism and developmental delay. Small and intimate, our programs are tailored to best meet the needs of each man served within a community setting. Since its inception, CPA has been regarded as a model program in Northern California, widely respected as setting the gold standard of residential living for adults with autism.

Our Mission

California Programs for the Autistic provides an opportunity for lifelong living and learning in the community for individuals with developmental disabilities including autism and severe disorders of behavior and communication. Through a continuum of services and a broad range of learning opportunities, California Programs for the Autistic is committed to providing services designed to facilitate the highest degree of independence and integration possible for each individual served.

“At California Programs for the Autistic, Inc. our work centers on providing each resident with programming that is built to meet their specific needs and interests. Everything we do starts and ends with the individual in mind. We were founded on the premise that autism should not prevent someone from having a long and happy life. We continue to grow with the men, never losing sight of the importance of providing the individuals with opportunities to enjoy every moment.”

Karen Farnsworth, Executive Director
California Programs for the Autistic, Inc