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A really wonderful list of things to know about autism that I saw online. This list encompasses the realities of autism that we experience every day and not the stereotypes you get from the media:

10 Things You Should Know About Autism

  1. Autism is not like you see on TV. Don’t think you know about Autism because you’ve seen Rain Man.
  2. Every person with Autism, is as unique and beautiful as a winters snowflake. Different symptoms, personalities, likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, dreams, strengths and weaknesses. Please don’t generalize them.
  3. The Autistic children of today are the Autistic adults of tomorrow. Autism doesn’t go away on their 18th birthday.
  4. An Autism related meltdown is most often a sign that the person is in extreme distress and is not necessarily a discipline issue or a sign of bad parenting.
  5. Never assume that just because a person with Autism can’t talk, they can’t hear you. Your words can and will hurt, so please be kind.
  6. Not every person with Autism is a savant. This is a stereotype and in fact, quite rare.
  7. People with Autism are very, very intelligent. If they have a problem learning, perhaps it’s the way you’re teaching.
  8. A leading cause of death in children with Autism is drowning. Please be aware of this, especially if you live near a body of water, of any size.
  9. Simply because a person with Autism can have difficulty showing emotion, doesn’t mean they don’t experience it.
  10. Every family’s experience with Autism, can and will, quite often be different. Some experience struggle and others, not so much. Never assume that one families experience with Autism, mirrors that of another families.