Our Programs

“What has always impressed me about California Programs for the Autistic is the ongoing commitment to provide detailed training to the staff regarding the best ways to support the men in the program.  This commitment fully embraces the tenets of person centered planning focused on supporting the men in having better lives.”

Steve Sweet, M.A.
Behavior Specialist for C.P.A since 1983

CPA currently serves twelve men with autism and developmental disabilities in our two homes.  Both homes are licensed through Community Care Licensing to provide residential care for individuals with intensive needs.  To this day, we are one of the few residential providers that focus on services for adults with autism.  With 85% of people with autism under the age of 18, the need for services like ours will be growing rapidly over the next decade.

Four of the six original men that started the program in 1978 still reside with us today. Our newest resident came to live with us over 16 years ago.  Our goal is to continue to provide services for all of them as they age throughout their lives.

Benton House is a 4I home serving some of the most challenging adults living in a community setting.  It is located in a residential neighborhood near the Santa Rosa Junior College. It serves six individuals diagnosed with intensive behavioral needs relating to autism.

Hurley House is a 4E home that was opened in Bennett Valley when the program expanded its operations in 1987. Individuals from the original home were selected on the basis of their need for a less restrictive environment.

All our men attend day services at Becoming Independent or Dungarvin where they participate in a variety of programs such as work, art and community integration.

Placement in the program is through the North Bay Regional Center of the State of California Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  C.P.A. is funded through DDS and SSI benefits received by each client. Our Board of Directors continues to include some of the parents and family members that started our program 35 years ago.